The Best iTunes Alternative.
As much as I love Winamp and Spider Player for Audio files, both lack the ability to sync audio files to mp3 players. There is iTunes but to some like me, it's a little too bulky and slow for those who just want to sync their music with their iPods. This s where MediaMonkey comes in. MediaMonkey has the ability to copy and paste songs from the player to your iPod Touch and almost any other mp3 device. On top of that it has a basic auto-tagging feature of it's own, the best part is being able to put lyrics in to the tags. This is useful for iPod Touch users who will be able to see the lyrics as the song plays.The downsides are while it can copy and paste audio files, it can't really sync them. So iPod users still need iTunes for this. Another downside is it doesn't have a way by default to go to system tray and the fact that it's too easy to pause MediaMonkey and lacks a rich auto-tagging feature outside of the lyrics tagger. Another issue is when your trying to clear your playlist you can very well delete some of your songs instead by accident.If you don't care about syncing your tunes and just want to copy and paste songs and you hate iTunes then MediaMonkey is the way to go. However if you want a more feature rich Audio Player your better off using an Audio Player like Winamp.
Pros: Copy And Paste Audio Files To MP3 Players
Embed Song Lyrics Into Audio Files
Plays Almost All Types Of Audio Files
Nice Clean Interface
Cons: Basic Auto-Tagging Feature
Too Easy To Pause Songs
No Default Way Put In System Tray
Still Need iTunes To Sync iPods
Can Accidentailly Delete Audio Files